A Distinctive Logo for Your Start Up Business

Once you’ve determined the name for your startup business, it’s time to determine a logo. You may want to delay this until you are less swamped, but it makes sense to do it now so that you can have a uniform look to your marketing efforts. What are the benefits to a logo?

Some of the most enduring logos

Credibility. A more professional image can help prospects, partners and financial supporters have confidence in your company.

Awareness. A well-designed logo can immediately convey your brand message and emotional appeal. Think about how effectively well-known logos like Coca Cola or McDonalds can instantly create subliminal demand for the service.

Differentiation. Your logo can distinguish your business from your competitors, ensuring your business is distinct in the minds of your prospects. Many local businesses tend to have similar sounding names, such as Plano Embroidery & Screen printing, Plano T-Shirts, or Dallas Promotional Products. A unique logo can help you stand out.

Attractiveness. Let’s face it, a mostly text piece of marketing collateral can get boring. Even a simple typographical logo with some color breaks up the page and makes it more interesting to read. And your logo can be used to advertise your name everywhere, from business cards to branded pens to custom t-shirts and embroidery.

Convinced? Consider these two principles as you think about your logo.

Google uses a typographical logo

Fit with your business mission. Every business has a distinct personality. What’s yours? What are your key value proposition and your competitive advantage? How would you depict that visually? For example, a bank may choose to convey security with solid, bold lettering in conservative colors. On the other hand, Disney’s logos have appealed to kids and families using a playful script, fantasy symbols of the castle and Mickey Mouse, and bright colors.

Creative approach.Logos typically are typographical, symbolic/descriptive, or symbolic/abstract. A typographical or all text

The Colorado Rockies logo is descriptive

logo might work best for a brand with a wide portfolio that is difficult to capture with a single image. The Google logo is a good example. A symbolic / descriptive logo uses a picture to capture the essence of the brand, such as the Colorado Rockies Baseball Team logo, which features snowcapped peaks. Or, a logo can be symbolic but abstract, such as the Pepsi logo. Symbolic / abstract logos, combined with your business name are most popular and often most useful for small businesses.

The Pepsi logo is symbolic

I hope I’ve given you enough to ponder. In the next post, I’ll review the options available for designing your logo.

In the meantime, if you’re still working on finalizing your business name, see my earlier post: 7 Simple Steps for Naming Your Business.


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