Jingle Mingle Rings in a Holly Jolly Christmas

Dallas Marketing club bash logo for Jingle Mingle

Logo for Jingle Mingle, marketing club Holiday charity bash December 1

There’s a new logo in town and it’s plastered just about everywhere in the greater Dallas area. Seen it? It’s the logo for  Jingle Mingle, a communications and marketing sponsored holiday bash scheduled for December 1st. Jingle Mingle has the audacity to bill itself as the biggest event of the holiday season. Be there to prove them wrong, or to be a part of history in the making! Festivities include:

  • Hors d’oeuvres and a dessert bar
  • Open bar for beer and wine
  • Photo booths and personalized flip books
  • Music with DJ
  • Social media integrated into the event
  • Last but not leaset, a raffle benefitting the DREAM Fund, with prizes like a Chevrolet car  for a week, hotel  and restaurant packages, and sports tickets. Dream fund is a charity benefiting needy individuals in the media and communications industry.

If you’re interested in networking, the event promises to deliver, since it is hosted by the AAF, DFW SEM, Alliance for Women in Media, Dallas Socity of Visual Commnications, Social Media Club of Dallas, DFW AMA, and SMR. Sign up on line at the Jingle Mingle registration. Since it’s a special event, we’ll be wearing our holiday attire and will forego our Dallas company t-shirts.

So, since this blog is ostensibly about logos and I’ve been dying to try out my polling application, how would your rate this logo?


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