What is the Best Logo Ever Created?

Have you ever checked out www.Quora.com? It’s a Question and Answer site, where you can ask questions and get thoughtful answers from people with similar interests. To complete the social media experience, participants vote up their favorite answer.

embroidered polo shirt logo Nike

The "Swoosh" says NIKE without words

So what does Quora say is the best logo ever created? It’s the Nike logo swoosh, which was designed by graphic artist Carolyn Davidson in 1971. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory, and the Swoosh is said to represent the winged Nike’s flight. The Nike logo swoosh is instantly recognizable, and appears on embroidered polo shirts everywhere.

Logo embroidery Coca Cola logo

Coca Cola logo remains unchanged

Coming in second for best logo ever is Coca Cola. In contrast to the Nike Swoosh which stands without any lettering, the Coke logo is only lettering. We like the intricate lettering, because it makes for more interesting logo embroidery. Although Coca Cola uses many updated brand variations, the main Coca Cola logo has not changed in over a century. That’s an example of a logo that stands the test of time. Do you think the Coca Cola logo is truely timeless, or does it look dated?

Apple logo screen printing challenge

Early Apple logo represents knowledge

Although its admittedly dated, Quora followers still vote the rainb0w-colored Apple logo as one of the best logos ever designed. Apple was chosen as the company name because it connotes knowledge as well as accessibility. In the 1970s, it was important to take the “fear” out of computers. The ‘bite’ makes it clear it is an apple and not a tomato. Plus there are nerdy computer inferences with Bite/byte. Although the rainbow colors appear random, green at the top fits with the leaf. A big drawback to the logo is that with 6 flat colors, it is expensive for Dallas screen printers or anyone to print. Steve Jobs went with a sleeker monochomatic logo when he returned to Apple in the 1990s.

screen printed shirts highlight fedex logo

Subliminal arrow symbolizes speed and precision

Quora users put the FedEx logo as the third best logo. Although originally named Federal Express, the logistics company shortened its name the FedEx and developed the pictured logo in 1994. The FedEx logo looks great on any type of t-shirt printing or screen printed shirts because of its bright, flat colors. But what’s most impressive is it’s subliminal embedded arrow between the “E” and the “x”, which is meant to symbolize speed and precision.

In my next post, I’ll feature another well-known logo featuring an arrow with a hidden meaning. Do you know what logo that is?

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