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Why Do Dentists Have Such Terrible Logos?

Anglelic tooth with toothbrush

Teeth really aren’t very cute

It hardly seems fair to be picking on dentists. After all, they are the people everyone wants to avoid. Despite the fact that I’d rather have a root canal than review some of these terrible dental logos, I feel as compelled to comment on them as I am to floss.  Your mother may have taught you that the human body is beautiful. I beg to differ. There is nothing beautiful about a single tooth as your logo. A smile is beautiful. A tooth? Not so much.

bad logo design for dentist

If one tooth is ugly, aren’t more even uglier?

So what are the common problems with dentist’s logos? Many try to turn an ugly tooth into a friendly tooth, perhaps so that kids will want to visit. Our smiling angle tooth (why not the tooth fairy?) is representative of this appalling trend. Frequently, the smiling tooth is accompanied by a toothbrush, since we won’t recognize the naked tooth.

If a single tooth is ugly, why not jazz up that border to create a fascinating pattern? I’m afraid that more of a bad thing doesn’t make it better.

dentists logo stock artwork

Stylized tooth is slight improvement

A trend that I do see with dentist’s logos is the attempt to create a highly stylized, artistic rendition of a tooth. Although I find these much more attractive than the friendly tooth logos or the realistic tooth logos, they can end up being an unrecognizable curve on some logo designs.

So what’s the solution? When in doubt, abstract. Don’t focus on the body part–focus on the function, which is smiling or eating.

Apple Orthodontix has nailed it with their use of an apple in their name and logo. People associate an apple with good health. And what better place to see the results of straight teeth than in an apple bite?

In my next post, we’ll review logos for audiologists, who are challenged working with a similarly ugly body part. We’ll see what they’ve done to improve on the dental logos.

What do you think? Are there any other types of businesses that are beset by tacky logos? Why do you think that is?

Orthodontist logo features Apple

Related Apple symbol works best

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